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Why Don’t Organic Farmers Use Antibiotics?

Antibiotics in Meat & Dairy

With the increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria, many people are becoming concerned about the potential for antibiotic residue in fish, meat, milk, and eggs even though Health Canada has established the maximum residue limits (MRLs) of antibiotics in food animals, which refer to the residue levels that do not pose a risk to human health if ingested daily over a lifetime.

What Are the Rules for Organic Livestock?

Humane Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry practices (how animals are raised and live their lives) are an important part of organic livestock production, and not just because of organic regulations in Canada. Organic farming is a comprehensive approach to farming that focuses on the health of people, animals, and the environment. To that end, Canadian organic livestock farming maintains a strong focus on animal welfare.

Synthetic vs. Natural Fertilizer – What’s the Difference?

Even Our Food Needs Food

When it comes to our food, it seems like the difference between natural and synthetic fertilizer would be large, but it’s actually smaller than you might think. Although the organic crop production process only uses fertilizer and nutrients sourced 100% naturally, all farmers depend on nutrients found in fertilizers and supplements to keep their soil and crops healthy for a better growing environment.

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On April 1st, 2019, if your food says it is organic, IT IS! Government legislation passed under the Supporting Alberta’s Local Food Sector Act states that anyone who uses the term “organic” must be certified in accordance with the federally regulated Canadian Organic Standards. How does this affect you?

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