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How Organic Farmers in Alberta Feed Their Livestock

Feeding Organic Livestock

When organic farmers talk about organic food, they’re not just talking about food that humans eat. Organic animals in Canada are required by the Canadian Organic Standards to eat 100% organic feed. In fact, organic feed for animals is closely regulated by the government.

maintaining nitrogen rich soil in organic farming

Let’s Talk About Soil Nitrogen

If you ask local farmers, they will tell you it takes a lot more than that to keep field crops healthy. Water and sunlight are important, but plants also need a lot of essential nutrients,17 to be exact. There are a few macronutrients plants need in abundance, but none are more important than nitrogen. Let’s dive into the science behind nitrogen.

Get the Facts: How Organic Farmers Control Weeds & Pests Without Genetic Modification

Controlling Weeds and Pests

Organic farming relies on natural practices like promoting biodiversity and using natural nutrition sources. It probably isn’t surprising that the Canadian organic standards prohibit the use of seeds that have been genetically modified in labs for crop farming. This presents organic farmers with unique challenges.

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On April 1st, 2019, if your food says it is organic, IT IS! Government legislation passed under the Supporting Alberta’s Local Food Sector Act states that anyone who uses the term “organic” must be certified in accordance with the federally regulated Canadian Organic Standards. How does this affect you?

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