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Field Farms Marketing

How do interest rates impact organic agricultural markets and producers?
Interest rates have supported growth in the agriculture industry over the last ten years as they have remained low. Historically, as interest rates rise commodity prices tend to decline as the cost of storing goods increases creating more of an “as needed” market. High interest
rates will slow overall agricultural investments and growth.

What considerations should producers have when it comes to interest rates?
Be aware if interest rates are on the rise or fall as this can greatly affect the payment amount if you refinance any outstanding loans or take out new loans. Try to lock in some of your loans at low interest rates. You can diversify the interest rate on your loans by splitting them up across various interest rates levels ie. a portion that has 10 year rates, a portion that has 3 -10 year rates and a portion that has a floating interest rate.

How do labour costs impact organic agricultural markets and producers?
Labour costs are a part of the overhead of an operation, but costs need to be managed so they remain under control. High labour costs can reduce the bottom-line income of an operation. High labour costs will expedite the rate of automation on farms.

What considerations should producers have when it comes to labour costs?
Consider hiring part-time or flexible employees. It may cost more upfront to automate or mechanize a process, but this may have long term cost benefits that only play out in the long run. Realize that some labour costs are essential to running a successful operation.

What advice would you give to a transitioning farmer this summer?
Reach out to the organic community around you to learn as much as you can from your peers. Learn the different techniques they have tried and figure out what worked and what didn’t work. There can be a learning curve to organic farming because you can’t just plant the same crops year after year. Before getting organic certification plan out what future years will look like crop wise so you can have a steady rotation schedule that will replenish your soil each year.

Grain Prices Over Time

Grain prices have been collected and published previously by Laura Telford (MAFRED), and more recently by OrganicBiz. The Prairie Organic Grain Initiative has gathered those grain prices from 2012 onward, and created the following charts to display trends over the years.

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Feed Pea Prices

January 2014 – June 2019

Feed Corn Prices

August 2013 – June 2019

Flax Prices

January 2013 – June 2019

Lentil Prices

May 2015 – June 2019

Wheat Prices 

November 2012 – June 2019

Soybean Prices

February 2013 – September 2018

Malt Barley Prices

February 2016 – May 2018

Feed Barley Prices

November 2012 – June 2019

Oat Prices

November 2012 – June 2019

Pea Prices

February 2016 – June 2019

Hemp Prices

May 2013 – March 2017

Mustard Prices

January 2014 – April 2019