Supporting Alberta’s Local Food Sector Act

As of April 1st, 2019, if your food says organic, IT IS! Government legislation passed under the Supporting Alberta’s Local Food Sector Act states that anyone who uses the term “organic”, must be certified in accordance with the federally regulated Canadian Organic Standards. How does this affect you? Watch the video to find out more.

What is included in the Supporting Alberta’s Local Food Sector Act?

Local food council

The establishment of a group of individuals within the industry that will examine challenges and barriers faced by Alberta’s local food producers, and make recommendations on what the Province can do to support them.

Local Food Week

Trust the label, it’s the LAW

A farmer, distributor or retailer who advertises, labels or offers for sale an agricultural product as organic in Alberta must be third party audited and certified according to the national Organic Products Regulation and its accomanying Canadian Organic Standards.

Protecting Consumers and Farmers

Even though Albertans are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about their food and despite consuming more organic products on a weekly basis than citizens of any other province in Canada, there is still considerable confusion and mistrust of organic foods and what “organic” really means. This Act has been written to protect the consumer from false claims, and protect the integrity of the organic label; there was a regulatory gap in the labeling of organics, this has now been remedied.

Get the Facts

In early 2019 we conducted consumer research to understand the perceptions Albertans have of organic food. We discovered that consumers held many misconceptions. We also discovered that Albertans are very interested to learn more about organics, so we are launching the “Get the Facts” educational campaign.

New information, articles, and videos will be developed to address the misconceptions and educate consumers on everything organic!

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