Organic Pork

Choose Organic Pork

For the Animal Welfare. Organic pigs must be able to do the things that pigs do like rooting, mud bathing, and socializing. They have year-round access to outdoors.

Unique Breeds. Farmers choose breeds of pigs for hardiness ensuring they are suitable to thrive outdoors year-round. This creates more genetic diversity and pigs that are adapted to our climate.

Because it’s Local. By choosing organic pork, you can be assured that you are supporting a local farmers in Alberta.

For the Environment. Organic production doesn’t add herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides to the land and therefore doesn’t contribute these chemicals to the pollution of air and water. Organic farmers build nutrients in the soil through good manure management.

Serben Organic Farm, featured in this video, is now a certified organic pork producer in Alberta.