There’s More to Love in Our Food

What’s in it to love? 

Organic vegetable and crop production is built on land stewardship principles that support thriving ecosystems, clean watersheds and flora and fauna biodiversity. By purchasing organic vegetables, grain and packaged products, you can be assured that you are avoiding GMOs, pesticide exposure and supporting ecologically sound farming practices.

Animals are an important part of an organic food system providing meat, dairy and eggs but equally important they provide manure and compost to build healthy, fertile soil. By purchasing organic meat, dairy and eggs you can be assured animals have been cared for in ways that provide a natural environment that supports and encourages natural behaviours.


milk Organic Dairy

Choose organic dairy for your health, for the environment, to support better animal welfare and because it is local.

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 Organic Beef

Organic beef is a high quality product for your family because animals are pasture-raised without antibiotics or hormones.

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 Organic Eggs & Chicken

Choose organic eggs and chicken to support a food system that provides access to the outdoors and where chickens are never kept in cages.

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 Organic Pork

Choose organic pork for a local, high quality, flavourful meal. Farmers often raise heritage varieties uniquely adapted to Alberta.

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 Organic Grains

Choose organic grain to ensure you are eating crops grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and GMOs.

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 Organic Vegetables & Fruits 

Support a food system that promotes a balanced ecosystem and bee-friendly farming through organic fruits and vegetables.

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Find Local, Organic Food Near You

Alberta Organic Food Map

Us the map to discover grocery stores, bakeries, farmers markets and restaurants that provide organic food grown right here in Alberta. Use it at home or on the go.

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Is it Organic?

Look for the Canada Organic Logo. It guarantees that what you’re buying is certified and backed by the national standard that is regulated by the federal government. The national certification system ensures organic practices are accountable and builds transparency into our food system. Every year, independent 3rd party inspectors, “the eyes and ears of the consumer”, visit and scrutinize every step of the production.