The Prairie Organic Grains Initiative is a four-year program dedicated to achieving resiliency and stability in the prairie organic sector by focusing on increasing the quantity and quality of organic grains, and developing relationships across organic market value chains.

The Initiative is a partnership with several industry stakeholders across the value chain, including Organic Alberta, SaskOrganics, Manitoba Organic Alliance, Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC), as well as The Canadian Organic Trade Association (COTA), The Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada (OACC), and The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security. Other Industry Stakeholders include Organic Processors, Brokers, Buyers and Certification Bodies.

Total project funding is $2.2 Million: Western Economic Diversification $1.2 Million; Industry $890,000; Provinces $30,000. Key industry funders include: The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, Grain Millers, Nature’s Path Foods, Growers International, General Mills, Dave’s Killer Bread, PHS Organics, FW Cobs, Shafer Commodities, Organic Federation of Canada (OFC), OACC and Clif Bar & Company.

By working together with farmers, researchers, government, NGOs, processors, brokers, buyers, and certification bodies, the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative is bringing together the organic community across the Prairies to achieve the common goal of resiliency in the sector.

Program Contact

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback for the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative, contact us at 587-521-2400.

Transitioning to Organic Grain

Pivot and Grow is an online platform for new and transitioning organic grain farmers looking to find resources, to connect with experts, find organic grain prices and build marketing relationships.


Partners & Supporters

Organic Alberta

Organic Alberta represents and supports the Alberta organic industry from the farmer to the consumer. We serve the organic industry, including all certified and transitioning farmers and processors, and the businesses that serve the organic sector. We believe in good, pure, healthy food that is environmentally friendly, free of genetic modification and ethically produced with high standards for animal welfare.

Manitoba Organic Alliance

The Manitoba Organic Alliance (MOA) represents certified organic farmers, processors, organic organizations, and businesses in Manitoba. They support the organic sector, working to improve organic production and trade.


SaskOrganics is a farmer led membership non-profit organization that serves all certified organic entities throughout the value chain in Saskatchewan by advocating for a sustainable and thriving organic community through leadership in research, market development and communications.

The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security

A program that focuses on crops and varieties that contribute to food security, climate change adaptation, and have strong market potential.

General Mills

From breakfast to dinner, we help to nourish Canadian families throughout the day, so they can lead easier, healthier, and richer lives.

The Clif Bar

Clif Bar & Company is an American company that produces organic foods and drinks.

Dave’s Killer Bread

DKB is best-known for making killer, nutritious organic bread. But there’s a lot more to DKB. They are on a mission to create change.

Shafer Commodities

Shafer Commodities sources and supplies feed ingredients for all sectors of the feed industry.

Natures Path

A fiercely independent, family-owned company providing organic and non-GMO products.

Growers International Organic Sales Inc.

GIOSI is full-service organic grain company. We clean, process and export grain from a network of grain elevators across the Prairie Provinces.

PHS Organics

Your connection to the world of organic commodities including Kamut® Khorasan grain, Rye, HRSW, Flax, Peas, Lentils and Feed Grains.

Grain Millers

A leading manufacturer of conventional and organic whole grain ingredients.

F.W. Cobs Company

F.W. Cobs is a leader in top quality organic and traditional whole grains.

Organic Federation of Canada

Bringing together all the key players in Canada’s organic industry to ensure excellent standards and regulations that stimulate the growth of Canada’s organic sector, which is good for the environment, the consumer, family farms and rural communities.

TA Foods

TA Foods is a manufacturer and custom packager/bottler that specializes in flax seed and flax oil products. They are vertically integrated, with all of their processing, manufacturing and packaging done under their control.

Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada,

OACC facilitates and leads research and education supporting organic producers, consumers and other organic stakeholders to foster sustainable communities.