Source: The New York Times, by Natlie Kitroeff

It was harvest time, and several farm hands were hunched over a bed of sweet potatoes under the midday sun, elbow deep in soil for $10 an hour. But they were not typical laborers.

Mr. Krauss-Malett said he became interested in farming after working in a restaurant and seeing how much food was wasted. Mr. Bobman had the same realization working in the produce section at a grocery store before college.

They had been in the fields here at Hearty Roots Community Farm in the Hudson Valley since 7 a.m. They all said they could not imagine doing any other job.

Source:The Huffington Post Canada, by Arti Patel

If you're feeling a little more green than usual this week — it's not just you.

From Sept. 22 to Sept. 29, Canada celebrates their third annual National Organic Week, bringing attention to organic food and farming from coast to coast. Organized by Canadian Organic Growers and the Canada Organic Trade Association (COT), the week also raises awareness of Canada's changing organic agricultural sector and its impact on the environment.

The Canada Organic Office, in cooperation with the Organic Federation of Canada, has established a permanent system for interpretation of the Canadian Organic Standards.  An important element of this system is the Standards Interpretation Committee (SIC).  The SIC Terms of Reference outlines the function of the committee as well as the selection criteria and process of its members. 

Thursday, 04 October 2012 12:47

Why Organic? Chemicals in a cherry pie...

This is a list of the chemical products used for the preparation of the cherry pies typically sold at the supermarket, including all chemicals used in the field, right through to the baking and manufacturing of the pie. Bon appétit!

The flour and dough - Beginning at planting, wheat grains are coated with a fungicide before sowing.

Thursday, 04 October 2012 12:43

Video explains genetically modified foods

What is Genetically Modified Food? Many people are confused…. But a 7 minute video explains how genes from various species are recombined to produce GMOs.

Thursday, 04 October 2012 12:38

Canada Organic Products recognized in Taiwan

The Organic Federation of Canada recently announced that there is a unilateral organic agreement between Canada and Taiwan: products certified compliant to the Canadian Organic Standards and produced in Canada can be sold as organic in Taiwan. But organic products from Taiwan are not recognized as organic in Canada. This one-way agreement is due to the political complexity of the relations between Taiwan and China, confirms Michel Saumur, the national manager of the Canada Organic Office.

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