InfoBio – The Canadian Organic Standards Review is underway

  • First in-person meeitng of the CGSB Committee on Organic Agriculture in December
  • Industry contributions will match AAFC funding of the project
  • An Interview with Hugh Martin, the Interim Chair of the TC
  • The Working Groups and their Conveners
  • The Launch of the Permanent PSL Committee
  • The COS Review Sponsors

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Organic offers clear choice for those seeking foods produced without this use

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Sept. 17, 2013)—Pointing out that every year more than two million people in the United States get infections resistant to antibiotics and at least 23,000 people die as a result, a new report issued this week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calls for phasing out the routine use of antibiotics in industrial livestock production that has been linked to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

(Reuters) - Agriculture officials in Washington state are testing samples of alfalfa after a farmer reported his hay was rejected for export because it tested positive for a genetically modified trait that was not supposed to be in his crop.

If it is confirmed that the alfalfa in question was genetically modified, it could have broad ramifications, said Hector Castro, spokesman at the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

"It's a sensitive issue," Castro said.

Press Release - National Farmers Union (NFU)

September 12, 2013

CSTA disowns its long-awaited GM alfalfa co-existence plan

(St. Marys, ON).  After nearly a year of deliberation and controversy, the Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA), a lobby group representing large seed companies such as Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont Pioneer and Forage Genetics International, finally announced its Coexistence plan for GM alfalfa hay in Eastern Canada” earlier this week.

Press Release - Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

Industry Launches “Coexistence Plan” for GM Alfalfa as Contamination Report Investigated in the U.S.

September 12, 2013, Ottawa - The Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) has launched its “Coexistence Plan for Alfalfa Hay” to pave the way for Forage Genetics International to sell genetically modified (GM) alfalfa in Canada. The plan was released just as a report of possible GM alfalfa contamination in U.S. exports came to light.

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