Saturday, 23 February 2013 16:58

New Triffid-free flaxes in pipeline for 2014

By: Leeann Minogue

Industry gears up to "flush the system once and for all"

Shane Stokke, a director on the board of the Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission, is very optimistic about the future of flax. Speaking to farmers here at Flax Day 2013, the Watrous, Sask. grower put it this way: "Flax is the highest net profit crop that I can grow."

Saturday, 23 February 2013 16:52

Keen on quinoa? Growers wanted

by Shannon Vanraes
Once a largely obscure Andean seed, quinoa has made in-roads into Canadian pantries, but is having difficulty taking root on Canadian farms.

“Right now we don’t really turn down any interested growers, the challenge is still getting enough interested growers,” said Michael Dutcheshen, general manager of Saskatoon-based Northern Quinoa Corporation, a processor and distributer of organic and non-organic quinoa.

by Lorraine Stevenson

Tight supplies and growing demand mean organic farmers can anticipate decent prices for 2013.  

“It’s definitely a good time to be in organics,” Leslie Johnson, marketing manager of Growers International Organic Sales (GIOSI) told a small gathering of organic farmers at Ag Days last week.  

Friday, 01 February 2013 18:58

Organic researcher makes his mark

by Brenda Frick

Organic Connections honoured Martin Entz, University of Manitoba professor of cropping systems and agronomy, for his contribution to the organic community at its November conference in Regina.

Entz joined other people who have been previously named Organic Heroes and placed on the Organic Connections Wall of Fame.

by Brenda Frick

Future historians may well look back and write about our time …. about how willing we are to sacrifice our children and jeopardize future generations with this massive experiment that is based on false promises and flawed science just to benefit the “bottom line of a commercial enterprise,” said Don Huber, referring to the North American “experiment” with glyphosate and genetically modified crops.

Friday, 25 January 2013 17:28

Pesticides: Now More Than Ever

By Mark Bittman

How quickly we forget.

After the publication of “Silent Spring,” 50 years ago, we (scientists, environmental and health advocates, birdwatchers, citizens) managed to curb the use of pesticides[1] and our exposure to them — only to see their application grow and grow to the point where American agriculture uses more of them than ever before.

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