Our newest project is here! Join Organic Alberta for our first Farm Club meetings this July. Farm clubs will help improve farming practices through self-directed learning by providing opportunities for farmers to discuss their challenges and collaborate on solutions. Five regional hubs will be held throughout the province, where farmers can meet to share their challenges, interests, best practices, and solutions. The focus is on organic grain producers, but all who are interested are welcome!

We’ll kick off the day with an introduction and conversation about Farm Clubs, and how they work. We will then head out to the field for a crop tour at the host farm. The topics and crops will vary with each host farm, but you can be sure we’ll be talking about our usual suspects, such as soil health, weed management, crop rotations, equipment, markets, and more.

Farm Club Details

Meeting Notes:

Meeting Notes:

Email Tierra Stokes or call the Organic Alberta office at 587-521-2400 for further details.

North-Central Region Farm Club & Field Tour

Central Region Farm Club & Field Tour

South-Central Region Farm Club & Field Tour

Peace Region Farm Club & Field Tour

Southern Region Farm Club & Field Tour

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