Certification for small-scale organic farms

Two certification models are proposed – Please comment! As part of the review of the Canadian Organic Standards, the Organic Federation of Canada struck a working group to look at the issues of Small Scale Organic Certification.

A number of options were considered. After reviewing the concerns and hopes of the certified and not-certified organic farmers, the working group proposes two models: a self-declaration organic pledge and a peer review certification process. These two proposals would work for organic farmers who direct market their products.

Are you a professional arborist looking for some winter Costa Rican sunshine? Have you ever dreamed of working up in a jungle canopy? Are you hard working and a self starter with experience in removing tricky trees in and around multiple buildings and orchard spaces?

Rancho Mastatal is an environmental learning and sustainable living center, rural sanctuary and lodge located in and on the edge of the last remaining virgin rainforest of Costa Rica's beautiful Puriscal County. The Ranch team has a plethora of skills but with our limited time we are currently unable to do it all. We are falling behind on our tree work and need a boost to help us catch back up in this area.

We are looking for an experienced person or people (ideally 2 people who can work together) to join our team for 4 weeks (or more!!!!!) this winter to help us remove some potentially dangerous trees in and around our structures.

Sunday, 19 July 2015 15:47

Midmore Farm Has A Field Day

Midmore Farm has a field day

Jun 28, 2015

by Lucie Roy, Morinville News

On Thursday, Ward and Jo-Anne Middleton opened the doors to Midmore Farm, located just north of Morinville. The Farm Field Day In-Crop Organic Weed Management Tour drew more than 50 people from across Alberta.

Nature’s Path Foods recently purchased Country Choice Organic brand from New Century Holdings, Inc., a subsidiary of Grain Millers, Inc. Through this acquisition, Nature’s Path is adding 18 delicious organic products to its robust portfolio. The new additions will include canister oats and grits, instant hot oatmeal pouches, and cookies.

Sunday, 19 July 2015 14:21

Urban Foraging: A Sidewalk Salad

by Susan Semenak, Montreal Gazette

John Winter Russell hasn’t gone more than a few steps from the Georges Vanier métro station and already he has spotted enough to fill a salad bowl.

The Montreal chef and urban forager finds food in the most unexpected of places: in the crevices between paving stones and broken asphalt, in overgrown laneways and abandoned lots, in parks and untended garden beds and city planters.

Many of the so-called “weeds” that most people either detest or ignore are quite delicious and incredibly nutritious, he says. Take the rampant plant with clover-like leaves and petite yellow flowers called wood sorrel, which he spots under a stairway on Coursol St., for example. It has a bright citrusy flavour that’s great in salads or served alongside fish. Or lamb’s quarters, the ubiquitous waist-high plant with whitish flowers. The diamond-shaped spiky leaves, when young, are nutty and tasty, not unlike spinach.

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