Many of our sessions have been approved for CEU credits!

Crop Management CEU Credits

  • Using Pollinator Strips in Cropping (1)
  • Permaculture from an Indigenous Perspective (1)
  • Thinking of Organic Farming: Agronomic Decisions you Need to make (0.5)
  • Improving Soils Through Cover Crops and Intercropping for Fruit and Vegetable Producers (1)
  • Soil and Regenerative Agriculture (1)
  • Intercropping Interactive Workshop: How to Make it Work on Your Farm (0.5)
  • Intercropping: Benefits and Risks (1)

Professional Development CEU Credits

  • Direct-Marketing: How to Get New Customers (1)
  • When to Hire an Extra Hand (1)
  • Women in Farming: Stories from the Field (1)
  • Marketing Your Commodities (0.5)
  • What is Organic Farming (0.5)
  • Tough Enough to Talk About It: Lessons in Dealing With Stress on the Farm (0.5)
  • Thinking of Organic Farming: Our Farm Story (0.5)
  • Grain Buyer Networking Session (0.5)
  • Conscious Communication on the Farm (0.5)

Integrated Pest Management CEU Credits

  • Teaching Livestock to Eat Weeds (1)

Soil and Water Management CEU Credits

  • Scaling Stewardship: Synergies of Soil, Science, and Spirit (0.5)
  • Soil Health: A Micorrhizal Perspective (1.5)

Nutrient Management CEU Credits

  • Improving Soils Through Grazing (1)