• Interested in a new product or market development?
  • Thinking of changing the direction of your business?
  • Intrigued by the effect of changing market environment on viability of your business?

Senior students at Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences offer a unique opportunity to assess the economic feasibility of agricultural, food, environmental, and forestry businesses for industry and government clients. As part of a Capstone course, these fourth year Business Management students are supervised by an experienced instructor to compile professional business plans. The resulting business plans provide detailed feasibility and risk analyses and can be used as blueprints by entrepreneurs and business managers. In the past, we have studied:

  • Local food businesses
  • New agribusiness, environmental, and forestry services
  • New food products designed for niche markets
  • Alternative food distribution mechanisms
  • Marketing Apps
  • New farm equipment
  • And many more.

Previous clients have found our business plans useful in obtaining loans and equity and as a powerful management tool. Sample business plans from previous years are available upon request. Industry and government sponsors are welcome to attend our presentation session at the end of the winter term.

For more information please contact Dr. Mohammad Torshizi (torshizi@ualberta.ca).