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Rural Routes to Climate Solutions is an Alberta-based project providing learning opportunities for Alberta’s agricultural producers—farmers and ranchers—to find out how to benefit from climate solutions. The Stettler Learning Centre manages the project and is seeking a project coordinator (Solar Lab Coordinator) to assist our project lead (Director) in running a brand new program—the Solar Lab.

At its heart, the Solar Lab is a capacity building project. Rural Routes wants to work with rural communities in Alberta to develop their own community-owned solar projects that will provide benefits for those communities (jobs, revenue, electricity, etc.). The Solar Lab will facilitate project development through training, workshops, consultations with not-for-profit and industry experts, all of which the Coordinator will organize. Since Rural Routes cannot provide funding for an actual solar project, the Solar Lab will provide as much ‘infrastructure’ as possible to get from point A (wanting to put up a solar project) to point B (installing a solar project) instead.

The Solar Lab will undertake the following activities:

  • Organizing and running events like workshops and coffee shop meet-ups;
  • Organizing and hosting webinars;
  • Using multiple social media platforms to engage agricultural producers on the issues we cover;
  • Connecting with project partners, industry experts and rural communities interested in developing community-owned solar projects;
  • Researching and recruiting expert speakers for our events.

The ideal candidate must be able to work remotely and independently and has some experience with working in rural communities. You must be able to work from home or at a working space you have organized on your own. You will be required to check-in with the Director at least once a week.


  • Excellent facilitation and relationship building skills;
  • Capable of using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram;
  • Strong communications both written and oral;
  • Comfortable with collaborating with partners from different organizations and communities;
  • Comfortable with conducting outreach for the Lab in communities you are not familiar with;
  • Some knowledge of renewable energy;
  • Some knowledge of the issues facing rural communities in Alberta;
  • Good event and logistics management skills (booking venues, catering, accommodations and flights, etc).


  • Work independently and remotely;
  • Able to travel at least once a month for the Lab, which may require working and staying somewhere over weekends;
  • Have access to reliable phone and internet connections;
  • Have access to reliable transportation;
  • Have access to a suitable working space;
  • Ability to use Google Drive and Microsoft;
  • Ability to keep track of your own hours.


  • Previous experience working as a facilitator and/or community organizer;
  • Previous experience working in the renewable energy sector;
  • Experience in producing video and/or audio;
  • A solid vision of what the future of energy in Alberta should be.

The start date for this position is May 1st, 2019. The end date is currently March 31st 2020, but if additional funding is secured, the position will be extended. Payment will be based on $25 per hour,
30 hours per week. This is a contract position, thus the individual will be responsible for ensuring that necessary payments for income tax, CPP, EI have been made and submitting monthly invoices.

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume as a PDF and email it to by 11:59pm on Monday April 22nd. Please include “Solar Lab Coordinator Application” in the subject line of your email. Only successful candidates will be contacted to be interviewed.

In the event a successful candidate is not found, the application process will be re-opened.

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