Posted  12 Mar, 2020 
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With a booming $5.4 billion in sales, Canada is the sixth largest organic market in the world. Yet, demand continuously outpaces supply, despite double digit production growth. Two thirds of Canadians purchase organic products weekly and organic is the fastest growing part of the Canadian agriculture landscape. These facts are both extremely positive for the Canadian organic industry, yet without continued efforts to train organic techniques and support Canadian farmers to transition to organic, Canada may experience a lost opportunity.

In September of 2019, The Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA) announced the launch of the new Organic Conversion Support Program to assist organic producers financially for the transition to plant based organic farming. This program reimburses producers for a portion of their paid certification costs. Seeds of Change® has stepped up as a leading sponsor for this initiative, providing incubator revenue for an industry-wide launch. We invite the whole industry and supportive consumers to donate towards the long-term success of the program to support the Canadian agricultural landscape’s health and wellbeing.

This program is for new plant-based farmers looking to transition or for those who already have a plant-based production and are looking to expand.

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