Posted  8 Oct, 2019 
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Originally published in the October 3 Canada Organic Trade Association News Flash

After many years of negotiations, the European Union has passed the adoption of a new organic regulation (EC 2018/848) in an effort to create more clarity and level the playing field between EC countries in terms of their interpretation and application of the regulations. This regulation comes into force in January of 2021.

The EU is also making changes with respect to the importation of organic products. All existing administrative trade arrangements will expire in 2025 and will need to be replaced with ‘legally binding bilateral / international agreements’ that have the force of treaty law. If a country does not succeed in finalizing such an agreement with the EU before 2025, then any organic operators in that country wishing to import to the EU must acquire organic certification directly to the EU standards via an EU-accredited certification body. To learn more, you can find a brief summary here.

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