Premier Rachel Notley was in town and took the time to personally present a plaque to the Kerscbaumer family in honour of their family’s having farmed the same quarter for 100 years. The presentation took place inside the Heilan Beerhouse, which is looking very nice on the inside, albeit still not finished. A statement from the Kerschbaumer family said,

“John & Heather Kerschbaumer & Family were recent recipients of the Alberta Century Farm & Ranch Award, presented by Premier Rachel Notley at the new Heilan Beer House in Fairview. Hats off to John’s grandfather, Fred Zanner, for coming to Canada and filing for a homestead in 1914 on NE30-80-2-W6, still the family farm of John & Heather. Also to John’s grandmother, Anna Kerschbaumer, for bravely coming to Canada in 1929 as a WWI war widow with her 11 year old son, Fred. Anna married Fred Zanner in 1932, while her son, Fred, kept his father’s last name of Kerschbaumer. Young Fred Kerschbaumer learned his farming skills from his stepfather, and continued on as the next generation on the family farm. Generation farms are like horses pulling a wagon where every generation pulls the wagon a little further down the road. Fred & Anna Zanner, 1st Generation; Fred & Adeline Kerschbaumer, 2nd Generation; John & Heather Kerschbaumer, 3rd Generation; Trevor & Leeann Kerschbaumer, 4th Generation.”