Posted  18 Feb, 2020 
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Originally published in the February 18, 2020 edition of Agri-News

The Alberta Farm Safety Program provides easy access to services, informational tools and resources for farms and organizations.

In 2019, more than 100 communities and organizations used resources from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s Farm Safety Program to deliver important messages on farm safety to Albertans.

“The program’s webpages are full of farm safety information with access to services, displays and resources,” says Kenda Lubeck, farm safety awareness coordinator with AF. “From there you can browse through available displays and activities, information on regulations that impact farmers, as well as tools and educational resources to help plan for worker safety.”

One of the most used features of the Alberta Farm Safety Program is event coaching and planning assistance for community groups eager to organize an educational event. Coaching from a farm safety coordinator is supported by resources, including the step-by-step guide Planning a farm safety day camp designed so organizers can customize their own safety days.

“We listen to the needs of the community, assess their available resources and then align them with relevant topics and event logistics,” she says. “This helps the group run a successful event that meets the needs of the community and is sustainable for years to come.”

The program has developed a vibrant and practical suite of safety resources designed for children, youth and young farm workers. It includes more than 17 topic specific interactive displays accompanied by an assortment of activity booklets, safety decals and fun farm safety activities. Children and youth can also subscribe to twice-yearly newsletters, Kids Club for ages 3 to 8 and Safety Wranglers for ages 9 to 14, where they learn interesting facts and age-appropriate ways to stay safe on their family farm.

The program offers more than 60 informational tools and resources promote farm safety awareness and education. Much of it is available online and all of it is free.

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