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Originally published August 27, 2019 by the Canada Organic Trade Association

One item that has been noted in the strategic goals of the Organic Value Chain Round Table for several years has been the desire to have an online directory of all presently certified organic operators in order to know who is currently certified, in real time fashion.  This would provide more clarity for consumer and industries as well as certification bodies (CBs) and government to cross check the online directory to confirm their organic certification status.  The benefits for the organic industry include developing further relationships, market access and for retailers to consult if they are unclear whether a vendor is currently certified, and more.

Currently, Certification Bodies report monthly to CFIA any organic certificates that suspended or cancelled and new operators becoming certified.  CFIA publishes only the list of cancelled certificates on their website, but not the list of who is currently holding valid organic certificates.  CIFA published a new policy on July 29, 2019 outlining that, as the scheme owner of the Canada Organic Regime, they are making it mandatory for  the CBs to publish their list of currently certified operators.  See the policy here:  This CFIA policy requires the CBs to make the following information publicly available:

  • name of organic operator
  • address and contact information of operator
  • certification status of the operator
  • list of certified products
  • categories under which the products are certified

The Canada Organic Trade Association will liaise with the CBs to assess their interest in working together on having one single database that can be consulted now that the obstacle of not having access to the data has been removed.  Please note that the date of implementation indicated is Fall of 2020.  Stay tuned!


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