1. Maintain strong standards and regulations for organics

2. Support growth in the organic value chain

  • Strategic Objective 2.1: Encourage and support organic processing and marketing.
  • Strategic Objective 2.2: Encourage more local and organic in retail stores and identify barriers to entry.

3. Organic producers significantly increase their soil health and product quality

4. Strengthen organics through marketing and education

  • Strategic Objective 4.1: Increase consumer awareness, brand recognition and the understanding of the value proposition of organics.
  • Strategic Objective 4.2: Provide access to organics in the education system.
  • Strategic Objective 4.3: Provide educational support for farmers, including new, transitioning and young farmers.

5. Enhance organizational capacity

  • Strategic Objective 5.1: Obtain stable base funding
  • Strategic Objective 5.2: Connect with and provide value to all members

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