F. X. Sans1,1,2*, A. Berner2, L. Armengot1 and P. Mäder2

Conservation tillage could provide environmental benefits to organic farming. However, potential weed problems often tend to discourage farmers from adopting it.


J. Rasmussen1*, C. B. Henriksen1, H. W. Griepentrog2 and J. Nielsen1

Punch planting has recently been suggested as a technique to reduce intra-row weeds in organically grown row crops. The technique is to punch holes in the ground and seeds are then inserted, with a minimum of soil disturbance outside the hole.


I. Vaisman1, M. H. Entz1*, D. N. Flaten2 and R. H. Gulden1

The blade roller offers new opportunities to reduce tillage, especially in organic farming. The objective of the study was to reduce tillage in the green manure phase of a green manure–wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) rotation by substituting tillage with blade rolling.

Brenda Frick - Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada

Organic producers have been asking, for years, for organic varieties that meet their unique growing conditions. Are they any closer to getting what they want?


Alison G. Nelson 1Sylvie A. Quideau 2Brenda Frick 3Pierre J. Hucl 3Dil Thavarajah 3,†M. Jill Clapperton 4 and Dean M. Spaner 1,*

Micronutrient deficiencies in the diet of many people are common and wheat is a staple food crop, providing a carbohydrate and micronutrient source to a large percentage of the world’s population.

Sunday, 26 June 2011 14:59

Green is Good For Organic Beef

Tom Hamilton - OMAFRA

Like all beef farmers, those who produce for the organic market have to manage their operations to have as low a cost of production as possible. With the stringent restrictions on what technologies and products are permitted in a certified organic system, organic producers have to focus on exploiting the opportunities which are available to them. Optimizing forages in the feeding program is one of those opportunities.

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