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Call for Board Members - Organic Alberta Council

About Organic Alberta:

Organic Alberta represents and supports Alberta's entire organic industry. We serve all certified organic and transitioning producers and processors, as well as businesses across the value chain including but not limited to distribution, transportation, brokers & buyers, marketers, organic brands, certifiers, inputs, seed, feed, and retailers. Organic Alberta also delivers programs across the prairies, in coordination with partners in the other provinces. Elections for board positions will occur at the Organic Alberta AGM on Saturday, February 28th at 11am at Eaglemont Church, 5002-62 st, Beaumont during the Organic Alberta conference. See more information about the conference.

Job Description

There are 5 positions currently up for election. North, Central and South Region representative, Member at Large and Consumer Representative. The regional board members must be owners of a Certified Organic Entity and must live in their region (North = Valleyview to northern border, Central = between Valleyview and Red Deer, South = Red Deer to southern border). The Member at Large can be anyone with an interest in the Alberta organic sector, and the Consumer Representative must represent consumer’s interest.

General board duties & time commitment

  • 10 conference call board meetings per year
  • 1 face to face board meeting per year
  • Involvement in and eventual chairing of at least one board committee. Time commitments vary, with an average of 1 conference call/month

Benefits of being a board member

  • Create networks and build business opportunities
  • Governance training and board experience
  • Community/Industry involvement
  • Shows leadership
  • Help grow the organic sector in Alberta
  • Build a greater understanding of organics
  • Understand the national context of organic, including networking and knowledge
  • Involvement in an excellent functioning board, and a well-established stable organization with a great track record and strong capacity.



  • An interest in building the organic sector in Alberta a must.
  • Experience on a board of directors and involvement in the organic sector an asset.
  • We are also currently seeking a candidate with financial management experience.


If interested, please contact Organic Alberta at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 587-5821-2400. Elections will occur on Saturday, February 28 at 11am at the Organic Alberta AGM in Beaumont, AB.


Bill C-18 passed final reading in the House of Commons in November. This legislation introduces UPOV `91 to Canada, and embeds the ‘farmers’ privilege’ to save seed into law. As a result of strong pressure from COTA and partner organizations, a crucial amendment was made at the last minute to include the concept of storing seed. COTA sees this amendment as a victory for organic farmers, but will continue to vigorously defend our sector’s interests and needs in subsequent rounds of regulatory development based on the new law. In particular, we will fight any efforts to further limit the farmers’ privilege. For more information, contact COTA Strategy and Regulatory Affairs Manager Marie-Eve Levert ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

The discovery of Roundup Ready alfalfa in global hay exports should be on Canadian farmers’ radar, says a Canadian hay exporter.

Ed Shaw, who exports forage around the world, including to China, said three American hay exporters have been blacklisted from exporting hay to China, and hundreds of container loads of hay have been turned away after Roundup Ready alfalfa was found in the loads.

The provincial government is moving to stamp out bogus organic claims being made by farmers that do not have third-party certification.

New regulations will restrict the use of the word “organic” to describe only products that have been certified by a national or provincial certification program, effectively closing a loophole that had allowed B.C. farmers to use the term without being certified, provided they were not selling their products outside B.C.

Organic wheat is selling for 500 percent higher than conventional wheat and there is no indication it will drop soon.

Jay Crandall, a grain commodity merchant with Wetaskiwin Co-op, said the little organic wheat that is available is selling into the milling market for $20 a bushel, or $735 per tonne.

This year, organic feed wheat is selling for $16.50 per bu., or $610 a tonne, if it is available, compared to $585 a tonne last year. 

In the spring of 2014, the Working Group on Small Scale Organic Certification administered a survey to small-scale farmers. 200 responses were received.  The data highlights how the current “one size fits all” model of organic certification is often not feasible for small-scale operators. 

Read the full results on the OFC blog.

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