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Originally published in the February, 2018 edition of Explore Local’s Field Notes Newsletter

By Sue Mah, MHSc, RD, PHEc and Lucia Weiler, BSc, RD, PHEc

Grocery Innovations Canada (GIC) is an annual event for professionals in the grocery and specialty food business. This year’s conference and trade show offered tips for growth, innovation, and best ways to connect with consumers. Here are three top trends we recognized in some of the award-winning products.

Pack it with protein

Food makers are adding and high-lighting protein in just about every category. It’s true that consumers are looking for protein but many people are confused about how much they need and where are the best sources of this important nutrient. Canadian nutrition recommendations encourage people to include plant based proteins and balance their protein intakes throughout the day, especially at

Make it Fresh

Demand for fresh food is on the rise(Euromonitor). We saw many packages inviting us to eat with our eyes first, using windows to let fresh food peek through and beautiful fresh food images on the packaging. Adding a story about where the food was grown and who cared for it makes packaged fresh food a consumer attraction.

Keep it Simple

The food label that is. Consumers are looking for a clean label which may be interpreted as a combination of ‘free from’ features as well as an ingredient list that is easy to read, understand and
not too long.

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