Posted  22 Jan, 2018 
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We need you to take action today and demand that your MP urge Minister of Agriculture, Lawrence MacAulay, to provide stable funding for the Canadian Organic Standards.

Have your say!

As an organic operator, consumer, or member of industry, you have a stake in this.

We need you to write to your MP to let them know who you are, why funding and support for the Canadian Organic Standards matters to you, and what you want done about it.

COG and OFC made it easy for you by providing a template (link below) that you can customize and email to your MP and the Minister of Agriculture, Lawrence MacAulay.

Letters are powerful – they make sure your local MP understands who their constituents are and what issues they need to stay on top of.

Click here to download the template letter to send to your MP and the Minister of Agriculture.

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