Posted  26 Jun, 2018 
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More Albertans are making a connection with their food, paying attention to where it comes from and how it’s grown.  The provincial government is working to grow Alberta’s local food sector with new legislation and a Local Food Council to implement it.  Becky Lipton, Executive Director of Organic Alberta discusses why it is important for consumers and what it will take to accelerate growth of this billion dollar sector of Alberta’s economy.

The Supporting Alberta’s Local Food Sector Act which will at long last regulate organic products that are grown and sold within the province of Alberta. Organic Alberta members have been actively lobbying this and past governments to adopt the organic legislation since the federal organic regulation passed in 2009.

This means that everyone who uses the term “organic” to sell products in Alberta must now be certified to the federal organic standard. Most importantly it means that Albertan consumers can have complete confidence in the word organic, as it will always mean certified and third party inspected to ensure that the products have been raised, grown, and processed according to the rigorous Canadian Organic Standards.

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