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The FEAP Program shares costs for components of a new grain dryer or when retrofitting components for an existing dryer. Photo: GSI/Grainews

Originally published February 28, 2019 on Alberta Farmer Express

Program covers costs of high-efficiency components in existing or new models, and is retroactive

Grants are still available for upgrading components of grain dryers to high-efficiency models.

The Farm Energy and Agri-Processors (FEAP) Program shares costs for components of a new dryer or when retrofitting components of an existing dryer, said Katherine Rogers, energy extension co-ordinator with Alberta Agriculture.

“For retrofit grain dryer components, eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis,” said Rogers. “You must include detailed quotes, specifications, and if possible, calculations showing the energy savings of the upgrade.”

Eligible retrofits may include hopper covers, automatic moisture controllers, new high-efficiency burners, variable-speed drives for electric motors, PTO to electric motor conversion, insulated plenums, exhaust air recirculation systems or secondary heat exchangers, and gravity-fill roofs that replace powered levelling augers.

“Upgrade options on new dryers are considered if they are an optional upgrade from the standard new dryer configuration,” said Rogers. “Only the cost of the options is eligible, not the cost of the standard dryer.”

Eligible new components may include upgrade options such as heat exchangers, preheat systems utilizing exhaust air, optional high-efficiency burners, variable-speed drives for electric motors, optional automated moisture controllers, and gravity-fill roofs used in place of powered levelling augers.

Bins, conveyors, legs, and aeration fans are not covered.

The program is retroactive to April 1, 2016. Go to the Alberta Agriculture website to see the full funding list, application form and other eligibility requirements. Outreach officers are available to answer questions and to provide assistance with applications.

The contacts are Amber Kenyon, 780-307-7849 (northern Alberta), Vern Steinborn, 403-894-0050 (southern Alberta), and Rongrong Xiang, 780-853-0222 (eastern Alberta).

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