Posted  6 Mar, 2018 
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The Prairie Organics: Think Whole Farm Conference in Brandon is now history — but not quite. They are posting some of the video presentations to their YouTube channel. Check them out here!

Integrating Crops and Livestock by Ryan Boyd of South Glanton Farms

The End of High-Input, High-Cost, High-Emission Agriculture by Darrin Qualman and Blain Hjertaas

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Aug 14   |   Media

Climate Change Atlas for Agriculture

The Climate Atlas allows you to explore how climate change is likely to impact Canada’s agricultural sector. Hotter temperatures and changes in p

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Jun 26   |   Media

Supporting Alberta’s Local Food Sector Act

More Albertans are making a connection with their food, paying attention to where it comes from and how it’s grown.  The provincial government

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May 24   |   Media

Cash Cropping with Intercrops

Recorded at Manitoba Ag Days in January, 2018, Colin Rosengren, a Producer in Midale, SK shares his story "Cash Cropping with Intercrops" https

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