Posted  11 Jan, 2018 
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The Local Food Act, containing the Organic Regulation, is important to your business

This spring, the provincial government will be introducing the Local Food Act, containing the organic regulation. Between now and March, it is extremely important that you contact your MLA and help them to understand how important this is. Please call, write or email them.

The government is also hosting an online consultation until Jan 19, 2018 which outlines the Local Food Act, and allows for feedback. Please click below to share your thoughts!

The survey is very simple, just one question. They want your comments on the proposed legislation. Please take a moment to express your opinion. For inspiration, we have developed a sample response that you can personalize as much or as little as you like to suit you and your situation. The important thing is that you take the time to respond.

Sample Survey Response:

I am an organic farmer from Barrhead, Alberta, where I farm with my wife and my son. We grow oats, wheat and barley as well as some beef cattle.

 I am very pleased to learn that the Government of Alberta is considering new legislation to highlight the importance of local food and increase consumer confidence and I am particularly thankful that consideration is being given to applying existing federal organic product regulations and certification requirements to organic products produced and then marketed within Alberta.

 This legislation and these regulations are extremely important to my organic business as there has been an uneven playing field in this regard for quite some time. Provinces without organic legislation and regulations cannot enforce intra-provincial organic claims. This means that producers who grow and sell their products in Alberta can call them organic without having to follow and obtain third party certification to the Canadian Organic Standards. I believe that consumers should have the right to know that what they are buying is regulated and meets the rigorous Canadian Organic Standards.

 Once the Local Food Act is passed, inclusive of the organics regulations described above, local organic producers will not only be able to grow their businesses and contribute meaningfully to local food security, but they will also be able to build trust and confidence with consumers.

 I urge the Government of Alberta to move forward with the Local Food Act and the accompanying local organic food regulations.

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