Posted  13 Sep, 2018 
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Consumer demand is driving an expansion of Canadian organic products, both in volume and variety. This special feature – produced in co-operation with the Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA) – explores the evolving world of organic foods and this growing sector.

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This feature includes the following articles:

  • Can the Organic Sector’s Strengths Advance National Food Policy Goals? 
  • Behind the Labels: How to make good choices that support farmers and the planet’s future
  • Organic Supply Chain: Encouraging Canadian farmers to transition to organics 
  • Common Vision and Heritage Providing Foundation for Innovation, Growth
  • Become a ‘Snacktivist’: Three steps to promoting real change for people and the planet
  • ‘Tasty, Healthy and Good for the Environment’ Product has Consumers’ Top Votes
  • Nurturing Biodiversity: Wine reflecting its place of origin: an organic and biodynamic vineyard
  • All Ingredients must be Organic: Ensuring organic integrity for organic meat products from farm to plate
  • Best-in-Class Organic Beer, Produced with Care
  • Where Organic Innovation Begins: Local health food stores know and meet their customers’ needs
  • Big Vision, Big Impact: Big Carrot’s growth reflects organic’s evolution from niche offering to mainstream
  • Dedicated to Organics, Animal Welfare and the Family Farm


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