Posted  27 Sep, 2017 
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Resources from the Explore Local workshop “Introduction to Marketing” are now available on-line.  If you are starting a business or looking to improve your marketing efforts, these tools are now available at  under the Tools & Resources tab. You can find them under the heading Marketing Essentials.

The “Introduction to Marketing” workshop provides practical information and tools to help food entrepreneurs develop and implement effective marketing strategies for their business.  The program covers the key components of a marketing strategy including the five Ps of marketing:  product, positioning, place, price and promotion.

The on-line resource includes tools to help you work through each of the 5 Ps (place, positioning, price, product and promotion), a marketing plan canvas, and the presentation materials to help you develop an effective marketing strategy.

To request an in-person workshop in your community or a short presentation at your local farmer’s market vendor meetings please contact Explore Local at

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