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As a certified organic business, we are happy to provide you with a complimentary membership to Organic Alberta and all the benefits that go with it. In exchange for your membership, we ask you to contribute an amount of your choice, depending on your means, to enable us to continue offering and expanding programming to support the organic sector.

How does your contribution help Organic Alberta?

  • We use your dollars as seed money to attract larger funding so that we can offer more specialized programs (see some examples on the reverse). This visible, tangible demonstration of your support motivates others to also contribute towards building a stronger organic sector in Alberta.
  • We regularly provide you with information and tools to help build your business via our quarterly magazine, monthly e-updates, workshops, and other events. We are your connection to each other and the organic world.
  • We are your champion whenever there is an issue affecting the organic community. We respond to issues in the media, advocate on your behalf to all levels of government, promote and showcase Alberta organic products in the local and international market places, and keep the discussion alive and well on social media.

Introducing our limited time partnership benefit

We have joined forces with COG to enable you to put your $$ to work at the local and national levels. Join COG for just $25 and $15 of your membership will go directly to Organic Alberta. For over 40 years COG has represented organics at the national level as well as creating organic resources, books, communications, and policy frameworks. Your membership gives you webinar discounts, their e-magazine, monthly e-newsletter, and a 15% discount on their books. This partnership supports projects and programs that take place on the national, provincial and local levels. This makes a terrific add-on to your regular donation!

For every $50 you donate, you will be entered to win two free passes to the annual Organic Alberta conference of your choice. That is a value of up to $250!

“Our mission is to represent and support

Alberta’s entire organic industry”

Every certified organic business in the province of Alberta receives a complimentary membership in Organic Alberta! We are the non-profit organization that represents organics in Alberta. We are your advocate and your champion.

While we do receive grants and donations from our partners in both industry and government to fund our special projects, it is the support of people like you that ensures we can continue to provide our basic services. Things like our quarterly magazine, delivered via email and /or postal mail to every member, our monthly e-updates that keep you up to date on the latest happenings in the organic world, the print and web-based resources we produce for you, and the conferences and workshops we organize. We are the voice at the table ensuring your interests are taken into account in both provincial and national arenas. We connect consumers to buyers, respond to issues in the media and represent Alberta organics at events and trade shows.

We make your $$ go very far indeed!

That is a lot of good stuff! But what else does Organic Alberta do?

Programs Focused on Growing the Organic Grain Industry. Some of our Prairie Organic Grain Initiative activities include:

  • Ask an Expert: Dial 1-800-245-8341 and our experts will answer your questions on organic grain or field crop certification, agronomy, marketing, grain quality or transitioning to organics
  • The go-to website for transitioning, production or marketing information as well as staying up to date on events such as conferences, field days, and workshops across the Prairies
  • New Farmer Transition Kits: Everything you need to know for a successful transition to organics
  • Business Directory: Discover and connect with businesses and farmers across the Prairies
  • Discounted FCC Software: Help streamline your record-keeping
  • Fact Sheets: Provide practical information to help grow and improve your operation
  • YouTube Video Series: 5 short videos highlighting the benefits of using organic methods on the farm
  • Green Manure Management Tool: Just what you need to help select the best green manure for you
  • Nutrient Management Project: Connects agrologists with farmers to develop soil nutrient budgets
  • Organic Agronomy Training: With the U of Manitoba trains agronomists in organic methods

Programs to Promote Seed Biodiversity and Ecological Seed Production. Some of our activities in partnership with the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security include:

  • Participatory Plant Breeding to help farmers and breeders develop wheat, oat and potato varieties better suited for organic farms
  • Hosted film event in Edmonton introducing the public to the importance of protecting our seed supply and our biodiversity
  • Tasting event at NAIT introduced young chefs to top quality Alberta organic ingredients and challenged them to feature them in a prize-winning dish
  • Seed Saving workshops

Programs to Help Young People, Women and Livestock Producers to be successful. Some of our activities in partnership with ALMA, Peavey Mart and Status of Women include:

  • Young Agrarian programs
  • Apprenticeship and Mentorship programs
  • Bursaries to attend trainings
  • Farm clubs, field days, workshops

Show your appreciation for all this hard work by sending your cheque or e-transfer today! We depend on you!

Organic Alberta accepts cheques. Complete the Donation form, and send it along with your cheque to our office at:

Unit #1, 10329 – 61 Avenue

Edmonton, AB T6H 1K9

Electronic transfer also available. Send your donation form and payment to: Password: Organic

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