Posted  26 Sep, 2017 
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The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) encourages farmers who want to take on a leadership role in the wheat industry to put their name forward for nomination as an AWC director or regional representative. Positions for two directors and three regional representatives are open in both regions 2 and 4.

AWC’s board of directors guide the organization’s strategic direction and mandate while regional representatives serve on committees and provide input to the board. Both positions give farmers the opportunity to shape the landscape for Alberta’s evolving wheat industry. The terms of office for directors and regional representatives are three years.

“I’ve served on AWC’s board of directors since its inception in 2012,” said Kevin Auch, AWC chair. “AWC is a major player in guiding Alberta’s wheat industry and as a farmer, this role has been extremely rewarding professionally. I would encourage other farmers who want to play a part in shaping this industry to put their name forward for nomination for either of these roles.”

Farmers interested in either of these positions should fill out the nomination package sent to them by mail this week. Nomination packages are also available to download here. Elections for these positions will take place at AWC’s Next Level Farming events, scheduled on November 15 in Acme for region 2 and November 23 in Viking for region 4. More information about these events can also be found on AWC’s events page.

Farmers who wish to be nominated for open positions in regions 2 and 4 must have grown or sold wheat and paid check-off to AWC either in the current or previous two fiscal years. Nomination packages must be received at the AWC office by Monday, October 31, 2017, to be eligible.

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