Posted  27 Jun, 2018 
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Keep track of weather conditions from nearby weather stations using the Weather Station Summary option, or select and view up to 5 weather stations in table or graph form using the Weather Station Data Viewer.

Go back in time and view weather data from 1961 to present for your area with the Historical Weather Data viewer or view the weather data Almanac. Alberta Climate Information Service (ACIS) information is reliable, current, quality assured and controlled. Try out the service today by visiting or by selecting Alberta weather and climate data from the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s main page.

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Natural Ingredients Offer a ‘Bran’ New Way to Preserve Healthy Food

The various stages of processing rye, from berries to alkylresorcinols (top left to bottom right): rye berries, rye chops (coarsely ground rye berri

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Kerschbaumer Family Recognized by Province as 100 Year Family Farm

  Originally published December 19, 2018 in the Fairview Post. Premier Rachel Notley was in town and took the t

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The Hazards of Harvesting Hemp

There is no established technique for CBD harvest on a broad-acre scale. One harvest option for large-scale production includes full plant use where

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