Our Mission & Vision


Organic Alberta Vision

"A strong, sustainable and united organic community in Alberta."


Organic Alberta Mission

"To be a central voice enabling a consumer responsive growth of an organic agriculture and food community through environmental stewardship, policy, information and service."


What We Do


Organic Alberta is on the forefront of the organic market. From regulatory changes to industry innovation, we face the issues head on.


Organic Alberta is helping shaping the industry in the province by making our voice heard from the grassroots to the government levels.


We help the organic community connect. From our workshops and conferences to our website and newsletters to our online directory we are uniting consumers, producers, buyers, retailers and more.


Organic Alberta holds training and informational meetings regularly across the province to share advances in organics.


Organic Alberta regularly sends out e-updates and a newsletter to keep everyone abreast of issues, events and research.


Organic Alberta’s Strategic Objectives

  1. To facilitate the access of Alberta Organics to viable markets, locally, regionally and internationally.
  2. To expand organic production capacity by increasing professional and technical support to established and transitional organic farms
  3. To expand the knowledge of environmental stewardship and sustainability of organic agriculture.
  4. Improve the business skills of, and increase financial access to, the organic industry.
  5. Support the implementation of the National Organic Standard and Regulatory Framework in Alberta
  6. To increase the organizations overall capacity in order to lead the organic industry and achieve the organizations goals and objectives.
  7. To create a unified voice within and a representative voice outside of the province of Alberta.


Organic Alberta’s Values


We believe:


  • in good, pure, healthy food
  • in environmentally friendly food
  • in food that is free of genetic modification
  • in integrity and honesty throughout the food system
  • in ethical food production and the humane treatment of animals
  • in science and innovation, while respecting nature’s role in food production
  • organics are good for the whole community, from the farmer to the consumer
  • organics can feed the world!


Organic Alberta’s Value Statements


One of the founding principles of organics is that organic products are free of genetically modified/engineered organisms (GMOs/GEOs). Organic Alberta supports this principle and the right of consumers to have this choice. We also support the right of our producers and processors to not be contaminated by genetically modified organisms and to seek financial remediation when this occurs.

For all media, website, or general inquiries please contact us at info@organicalberta.org or call 587-521-2400 (Toll-free: 1-855-521-2400)