Our Mission & Vision


Organic Alberta Vision

"A strong, sustainable and united organic community in Alberta."


Organic Alberta Mission

"To represent and support Alberta’s entire organic industry."



Who We Serve

We serve the organic industry. This means that we serve all certified organic and transitioning entities (producers and processors) and all businesses within the organic value chains and businesses that serve the organic sector such as but not limited to distribution, transportation, brokers & buyers, marketers, certifiers, inputs, seed, feed and retailers. We also serve consumers insofar as it supports the industry.


Core Values

We believe:

  • in good, pure, healthy food
  • in environmentally friendly food
  • in food that is free of genetic modification
  • in integrity and honesty throughout the food system
  • in ethical food production and the humane treatment of animals
  • in science and innovation, while respecting nature’s role in food production
  • organics are good for the whole community, from the farmer to the consumer
  • organics can feed the world!


Strategic Directions

  1. Provide value and demonstrate relevance to our members

    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 1.1: Be a dynamic access point, filter and resource for our members. 
    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 1.2: Create industry awareness of who we are. 

  2. Increase our capacity to achieve our goals and create a financially sustainable model.

    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 2.1: Build Partnerships with large industry businesses, industry associations, government & opposition groups and other organizations/institutions in order to share time/staff, connections, share and co-develop programs, access money and build awareness of Organic Alberta.
    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 2.2: Leverage sector expertise and experience through volunteer commitment.

  3. Build capacity to meet demand & long term sustainability in the organic agriculture and food industry.

    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 3.1: Develop programs for organic sectors and value chains in order to facilitate accessing solutions to address issues.
    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 3.2: As resources permit, assess the need for accessing general, non-organic specific programs and work towards making them accessible to organic businesses.

  4. Attain and maintain strong standards for organics.

    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 4.1: Organic Alberta ensures that a review of the national organic standard occurs and results in strong standards for organics.
    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 4.2: Build partnerships with businesses and industry players to convince the provincial government to adopt a regulation that unites it with the National Organic Standard and Regulatory Framework in order to capture growth opportunities, unlock markets, allow for expansion and attract growth.

  5. Increase the value proposition of organics by clearly explaining what organics is, it value and benefits.

    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 5.1: Implement the Alberta Organic Food Marketing campaign.


Organic Alberta’s Value Statements

One of the founding principles of organics is that organic products are free of genetically modified/engineered organisms (GMOs/GEOs). Organic Alberta supports this principle and the right of consumers to have this choice. We also support the right of our producers and processors to not be contaminated by genetically modified organisms and to seek financial remediation when this occurs.


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