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Business to Business Directory

The business to business directory lists all companies that provide services or products and connects thousands of organic businesses together – from producer, to end retailer.

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The Organic Alberta magazine has a distribution of approximately 500 copies. It is distributed to all certified organic producers and processors in Alberta, our corporate members and friends of Organic Alberta.

The magazine includes stories and articles for producers, organic businesses and consumers. It is available in electronic and print format.


Organic Alberta is the only comprehensive source of organic news, resources and events in the organic community in Alberta.Our website is visited by producers, processors, businesses and consumers. Organic Alberta website averages 36,000 hits per month.

Members receive 30% off all advertising!


Crop Planning for Organic Vegetable Growers


Growing Potatoes Organically


Growing Strawberries Organically


Living with Worms in Organic Sheep Production


Organic Field Crop Handbook, 3rd Edition


Organic Livestock Handbook, 2nd Edition


Organic Farming on the Prairies, 2nd Edition


The Organic Backyard



Interested in digging deeper to improve soil health? Join agroecologist Nicole Masters, Integrity Soils, for a surprising and revealing look at your most valuable asset… your soil.

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Organic Alberta also accepts cheques. Send your payment to the Organic Alberta office.

Electronic transfer also available. Send your payment to: Password: Organic